Share your favourite pics... You certainly have one or two photos that you particularly like because, for instance, they show beautiful boys or because they are particularly erotic or they are artistically done...

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Your blogmaster's favourites

For me, sexuality goes beyond physical sensations of pleasure. Making love (as different from having sex) is sharing with my partner and involves levels of intimacy and complicity. This is exactly what I perceive in the 1st photo.

Pic #2 -The kind of sweet and cute blond boy I like, with nothing rough around the edges.

Brian's faves

"You have asked for something very difficult - because there are loads of "favourite" photos but here are 4" says Brian. OK, because you're my special friend, I'll take the 4, but 2 would have been OK!!!

Clioj's faves Austin Monroe – a myth, will be a fave for many of the visitors…

Peters's faves ( from Holland )

"These 2 pics are my favourites :the first one because the guy is smiling so cute and he has very hot body and armpits which I have a crush on ... The second guy has long blond hair and such a good body, that makes me go WOW!!!!!!! " Here's another one of Peter's favourite pics.

David's faves He wants you to take it... NOW !! You can take it if you want to... He's cool

AVE 's fave

Buffboi's fave Buffboi is  the blogmaster of A visit there is certainly a good suggestion...

David's fave

David has chosen Lukas (from Teens Boys World)  and he says if he could have just one last boy in his life, he would want him to be Lukas who is so beautiful, so incredibly sexy...

BTW, David has got an excellent blog. Check it at

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